Wireless Solution

Hilinks offers wireless coverage and data transmission solution to operators which includes wireless coverage solution ,wireless network quality improvement program 、antennas feeding system solution ;In lightning protection field , hilinks develops unique type grounding solution which surpass the traditional grounding solution , and could be fully applied to different grounding conditions .
Hilinks devotes itself to wireless communication industry ,our solution could apply to different scenarios , enterprise and family , in the meantime , it integrates WLAN , and could realize large data capacity ,low site building cost request . It’s also a good complementary for traditional BTS ,BBU+RRU ect solutions , and works well with operators coverage solutions .

Lightning protection grounding solution: BTS lightning protection solution

Micro BS lightning protection solution

Standard cabinet protection lightning grounding solution

RRU lightning protection grounding solution

communication building lightning protection solution

Wireless access solution: Small Cell family access business

Small Cell public region coverage

Small Cell new type office coverage solution

WLAN Broad band access

Antenna Feed system: TD/LTE BS tower roof solution

Multi-frequencies sharing antenna feed system

Co-building and sharing antenna feed system

Multi-systems POI solution

Hidde antenna solution

Wireless network improvement solution: In-door distribution system improvement solution

Antennas feed system regulation solution

Wireless network low-noise regulation solution

High floor network quality regulation solution

Wireless panorama coverage solution: In-door distribution ,residence , schoolyard ,commercial area, industry park , village-in-city, beauty spot, metro, mines, HIGHWAY, sea area scenario wireless coverage solution .