The company's concept of employment: enterprises set up the stage, singing, self realization, give full scope to the talents of employees.

The mechanism of the company: fair, fair, open, competitive, incentive, preferred choice.

Company's standard of use: loyal to the enterprise, the courage to innovate, be good at communication, strong in professional, dare to play, willing to cooperate.

Company hopes:

The company's brand to attract people, moving people with sincere and faithful

The modern concept of the people, the opportunity to challenge the challenge

The selection of competition mechanism, the incentive mechanism to encourage people

To rebuild people with training mechanism, and to keep the welfare mechanism

The company has always pursued "people-oriented" principle, respect knowledge, respect talent, to provide good conditions for the development of staff, to create opportunities for the growth of talent, drive company with the progress of individual progress.

Company in its own staff development is encouraged also adhere to the talent with the development of enterprises management philosophy, is committed to the construction of personnel training and enterprise culture, provide employees with competitive salary and good learning environment, including internal training and external training opportunities and development space between.

Company basic talent strategy:

1, to establish the human resource is the first resource, the talent resources is also the advanced idea of the productive forces, the talent strategy in the enterprise development strategy.

2, explore the new mechanism, new ideas and new forms of the new mechanism, which is suitable for the development of the company.

3, reasonable tower construction personnel platform, to provide basic protection for the enrichment of various types of personnel.