POI IN/OUT via diff Cable

Product description:

POI Point of interface platform is a system which could realize multi-networks to share same set of antenna and feeding system by connecting multiport and multi wireless telecommunication system and transparent communication. More importantly it could meet the coverage request and save investment at the same time for operators.

POI IN/OUT via diff Cable-parameter
POI system is composed by up-link and down-link multiple frequency combiners. Utilize high efficient combiner to unite and split the up-link and down-link rf signal, that could fully meet the requirements of transmission without any interference when different signals transmit via same port;
The function of the up-link is to collect different networks signal by feeding system then transmitt them to uplink POI . POI will process the signal and transmit the right signal to different operators’ Base stations. Then the uplink signal transmission finished; Downlink function is to collect signal from different operators then send to feeding system for realizing the downlink signal transmission purpose.