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High speed railway communication market can be expected
Time: 2015-06-30 18:18:40     Copyfrom: Manufacturer of Passive Products

These years, China's economy in accelerating the development of the government, the government has invested a great resource to build and improve the road and other basic settings. But with the challenge of environmental and resource issues have become increasingly prominent, China is destined to along the pattern of the development of the United States as a "national car", but rather regional economic differences Greater Europe and densely populated Japan the development of high-speed railway network the experience more worthy of our reference. So in the financial crisis of the economic stimulus plan, the government put the focus of infrastructure construction on the railway, especially high-speed railway construction. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic construction of the "four vertical and four horizontal" railway rapid passenger transport channel and three intercity rapid passenger transport system (the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim), at all levels of the government economic stimulus plan will nearly 2 trillion of funds invested in railway construction, the railway ministry interior planning is on the basis of investment increased to 3.2 trillion yuan. In the face of such a huge industry cake, the communications industry in all sectors of the enterprise is undoubtedly a huge business opportunities. However, only those who have a deep understanding of the industry needs, but also with the feasible technology and cooperation mode of enterprises in the industry to seize the opportunity and gain the best interests.
Global well-known growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan for high-speed railway is the most developed in Europe and Japan market research found, for the effective development of domestic high speed railway communications market, in the following three aspects particularly worth industry chain parties attention and thought:

First, who is the most important user? We know that high speed railway communication market from the aspects can be divided into two aspects, one is to railway system itself for customers including running control, driving command, transportation management and computer chain system, the signal system; a is for customers of mobile voice and data communication system in railway passenger. For the former state monopoly in Chinese due to characteristics of the railway system, the main customer is single, no need to repeat. The latter is the most attention in the application of railway communication, this paper will be the main object of this paper. So in this part of the application market, who will be the main end users? It appears from the overseas experience, rapid rail once completed in 800 km within the short haul markets (roughly 4 hours by car) to civil aviation formed the most direct substitution, which business travelers will occupy the majority of, the general will reach at least 70%. This part of the number of passengers is quite large. Take the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway as an example, the design of the annual passenger traffic volume of 160000000 people, including business travelers will exceed 100000000. And this part of the user to travel during the mobile communication especially wireless Internet has a very high demand and affordability, according to the pricing model of European and Japanese market reality, their voice and data rates were much higher than that of the ordinary mobile communication standard tariff. After the completion of the these two factors we expect domestic high-speed rail and Intercity Express system, applied market scale of business travelers are extremely impressive, and to provide some of the visitors to this application to solve scheme will also become the most important market potential.

Secondly, what kind of technical solutions? We know that fast passenger train running at least 200 kilometers per hour, at this speed, the existing mobile communication system is difficult to meet the basic needs of voice and data communications. The typical example is Shanghai's magnetic levitation system, in the normal operation, it is difficult to carry out mobile communications. For this purpose, the special technical solution is to be used to provide communication service for the fast railway users. Through the study of Europe and Japan found that at present to solve the high-speed operation and tunnel traffic signal communication problem, country specific network schemes are very different, but most common is repeater placement, in order to solve the lack of signal and interrupts. In the deployment of the fast railway communication system, in addition to the specific technical networking solutions, the deployment of the cost is undoubtedly a key consideration of the need to consider. Rapid rail system infrastructure construction cost is very high, and train a large number, so as a service provided by the mobile communication system construction investment must be relatively reasonable, otherwise inevitably have overwhelming too, unable to get the railway operators of the pro Lai, also let alone on leveraging this big cake and the.
Finally, what kind of business model is feasible? The business model of the problem is ultimately determined whether the domestic rapid railway communication piece of big cake can really become a reality. There are two main characteristics of domestic railway communication market in china:
One is a railway operator is a single, that is, the Ministry of railways;
Two is due to China's opening into the China Mobile makes the latter let go with the flow as the leading railway communications market. Therefore, the primary problem for the communication industry is to solve the problem of how to cooperate with the railway operators, and the second is the cooperation model of the industry. At present, there are mainly three kinds of business model in Europe and Japan: in Germany is mainly composed of exclusive mobile operators led, communications operators to provide all of the system construction and operation of service function, the corresponding operating income in 95%, railway operators for 5% cars and tracks into space; in France it is by railway operators led, with communication infrastructure and provide space for 40% car track revenue sharing, communication operators are responsible for the exclusive communication network maintenance and service operation function to obtain 60% of the revenue sharing; in Japan, there are 4 mobile operators dominate the market, access to 65% of the income, while the state-owned railway operators to obtain 35% of the revenue sharing. Now it seems, at what the future will form what kind of business model, there are still uncertainties, but in terms of communication within the industry, how to with China Mobile formation cooperative relationship is certain, the other members of the industry chain must first help China Mobile to establish with the Ministry of Railways of viable business model, the industry cake bigger is possible.
I am glad to hear that during the period of July 1 this year, the Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai Nanjing intercity railway will be put into operation, then Shanghai to Nanjing, full only need to 75 minutes, and between the cities along the bus operators. For this, the author is full of expectations. But the more expectation is we enjoy high-speed and convenient travel services at the same time can also be easily enjoy the communication industry to provide information service for the feast, makes our journey is more rich and colorful, always grasp fleeting opportunities.

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