Product description:

Attenuator is a provides attenuation of electronic components and widely used in electronic equipment, its main purpose is: (1) the size of signal adjusting circuit; (2) in the comparative method for measuring circuit, available to direct the measured network attenuation values; (3) to improve the impedance matching, if certain circuit requirements have a relatively stable load impedance, in the circuit with the actual load impedance is inserted between a attenuator, able to buffer impedance changes.
 Frequency Range(MHz) 694-2700
Attenuation Value(dB) 3dB 6dB 10dB 15dB 20dB 30dB
Attenuation Tolerance(dB) ±0.5 dB ±1.0 dB ±1.0 dB ±1.0 dB ±1.0 dB ±1.3 dB
Return Loss (dB) ≥21@Attenuation Value=3dB,≥19@others
PIM3 (@2x43 dBm Carrier) (dBc) <-161
Input Power (W) 25 / 50 / 100 / 200
Impedance (Ω) 50
Dimensions, HxWxD (excluding connectors and mounting bracket) (mm) / (in) 200x176x93 / 7.9x6.9x3.7
Weight (including connectors) (kg) / (lb) 5.5 / 12.1
Connector Type 4.3-10 Male/4.3-10 Female
Color Black
Operational Temperature (°C) -40 to +65
Operational Humidity (%) ≤95
Ingress Protection Class IP67(Indoor and Outdoor)