1, college degree or above, gender: no limit;
1, responsible for the company's existing OEM, ODM large customer management and follow-up;
2, to assist the general manager to manage existing customers;
3, expand and develop new OEM, ODM big customer;
4, responsible for part of the company and business related public relations and business work;
External public relations ability and analysis ability, 5 strong, good writing skills, good presentation and communication skills;
2, more than 6 years of sales experience, a comprehensive ability of the best can be appropriate to relax.
Main responsibilities:
1, responsible for indoor coverage and direct station engineering survey design and engineering quality control, to ensure that the project design and engineering quality;
2, technical and engineering specifications for the development and continuous improvement, commitment to key projects, the technical support of the bidding project, the design scheme of the audit;
3, proposed to improve the overall technical level of the Department, work efficiency, design and engineering quality of the specific approach, with the project manager and technical personnel to carry out technical evaluation and management
Required qualifications:
Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, electronics, radio, etc..
Work experience: 3 + years of experience in interior design and direct discharge station survey, 2 years or above experience in technical management.
Other requirements: to participate in the indoor coverage of more than 300 antenna design, technical level is high, there is academic research ability and management ability.
Recruitment number: 10 people