900 band Filter

Product description:

1.Low Insertion Loss.  
2.High Rejection
3.High Reliability
4.Easy To Install
5.Support Indoor or Outdoor Application 

900 band Filter-parameter
mainly used in the front end of communication base station to filter out interference signal .

Specification of 900band cavity filter : 

Product Model XMFT09D5001
Frequency Range(MHz) 895-915 935-960
VSWR ≤1.25
PIMD3 (dBc) ≤-150@2*43dBm
PIMD5 (dBc) ≤-160@2*43dBm
Insertion Loss(dB) 895.0-897.5MHz≤3.0
897.5-898.5 MHz≤1.1
898.5-960 MHz≤0.5
Rejection(dB) ≥45@800-894MHz
Power(W) 250 Watts Average, 3 KW peak
Impedance(Ω) 50
DC By Pass Pass
Lightning protection 3 kA, 10/ 350 μs pulse
Working Temperature(℃) -25~+75
Working Humidity(%) 0 - 95
Applications Indoor or Outdoor
Waterproof grade IP65
Dimension (w x h x d)(mm) 360 x 225 x 71
Weight(kg) < 6.0
Connector 7-16 DIN Female  (ANT)     7-16 DIN Male  (BTS)
Installation Mounting Hole or Wall 

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