4X4 Hybrid Coupler

Product description:

1. Wide Frequency Range 
2. Excellent Coupling Flatness 
3. High Directivity / Isolation 
4. Cavity structure, High power handing 
5. Low Insertion Loss, Low VSWR, Low PIM(IM3) 
4X4 Hybrid Coupler-parameter
This 3 dB Hybrid combines same band signals into common out-puts with high isolation. Multi-band range for DCS,CDMA,GSM,WCDMA,PCS ,UMTS and LTE . With either N or 7/16 DIN connectors . Available for indoor /outdoor environments. 

Applications : 
1. Mobile Communication Network Optimization and In-door /Out-door distribution system.
2. Wireless coverage solution ,Antenna systems and subsystem. 

Specification of Hybrid Combiner 4X4 : 

Frequency Range(MHz) 698-2700
VSWR ≤1.25
Insertion Loss(dB) 6.8
 > 28
Power(W) Average power : 200 ~ 700
PIMD3 (dBc) ≤-155 (+43dBm*2)
PIMD5 (dBc) ≤-160 (+43dBm*2)
Impedance(Ω) 50
Environmental Characteristics
Working Temperature(℃) -40~+65
Working    Humidity(%) ≤95
Applications Indoor or outdoor
Waterproof grade IP67
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimension (d x w x h)(mm) 348×94×51mm
Weight(kg) <4.0
Connector 1/2 N,7/16 DIN,4.3-10 DIN optional                 
Installation Mounting Hole or Wall

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