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RF Duplexer

Product description:

1.High Q cavity design
2.High isolation
3.Low insertloss
4.High Power Handling
5.Low passive IMD
RF Duplexer-parameter
RF Duplexer is pilot frequency duplex radio station,  the main parts relay station , it's function is to isolate the transmit and receive signal , guarantee the the receive and transmit can work at the same time.It is made of two groups of different frequency band stop filter, avoid the native emission signal transmission to the receiver.

Specification of RF Duplexer : 

FrequencyMHz 824-849 869-894
BandwidthMHz 25 25
Insertion LossdB 1.8dB 1.8dB
Return LossdB 20 20
In-band rippledB 1.2 1.2
cross suppressiondB 30 ANT端口开路或匹配时最差的值)
Out-band RejectiondBc 0-746MHz20 0-746MHz20
869-894 MHz40 824-849 MHz40
1.7G-2.2 GHz20 1.7G-2.2 GHz20
2.3-3.5 GHz20 2.3-3.5 GHz20
PIM5ANT口) -100dBm@2*43 dBm
-123dBm@2*27 dBm

FrequencyMHz 1710-1780 2110-2180
BandwidthMHz 70 70
Insertion LossdB ≤1.0dB ≤1.0dB
Return LossdB ≤-20 ≤-20
In-band rippledB ≤0.8 ≤0.8
cross suppressiondB ≥30 (ANT端口开路或匹配时最差的值)
Out-band RejectiondBc 0-1000MHz≥40 0-1000MHz≥40
2110-2180 MHz≥60 1710-1780MHz≥60
1.85G-1.96GHz≥40 1.85G-1.96GHz≥40
2.3-3.5 GHz≥30 2.3-3.5 GHz≥30
PIM5ANT口) ≤-100dBm@2*43 dBm
≤-123dBm@2*27 dBm