Dual Band Combiner

Product description:

1.Combiner for Feeder Sharing
2.Low Insertion Loss, Low VSWR, Low PIM(IM3)
3.DC by pass on all ports
4.Easy to install, pole or wall mounting
5.Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
Dual Band Combiner-parameter
To facilitate co-siting, HiLinks offers multiband combiner products that enable antenna feeder sharing by combining multiple frequency bands to a common RF path. 
Available in a variety of configurations, our crossband couplers (CBCs) and multiplexer products integrate signals from wireless systems that operate in DCS, PCS, AWS and many other bands, and support all technologies, such as UMTS and LTE.

Specification of diplexer : 
Product Model XMCB222N5001
Frequency Range (MHz) 380-960 1710-2690
VSWR ≤1.25
PIMD3 (dBc) -153@2*43dBm
PIMD5 (dBc) -160@2*43dBm
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤0.5
In-band Ripple (dB) ≤0.4
Isolation(dB) ≥50@2400-2500 MHz ≥50@800-2170MHz
Power (W) Average power : 200 ~ 700
Impedance (Ω) 50
DC By Pass Pass
Working Temperature(℃) -25~+75
Working Humidity (%) ≤95
Applications Indoor/outdoor
Waterproof Grade IP67
Dimension (w x h x d) (mm) 107*260*69.5
Weight(kg) ≤5
Connector 1/2 N,7/16 DIN,4.3-10 DIN optional
Installation Mounting Hole or Wall

HiLinks offers high quality multi-band combiners, OEM/ODM service available ,pls send your inquiry to sales@hilink.com.cn .